Monday, June 04, 2018

 Buddha from an old temple in Chiang Mai. 
 One of the many temples that we saw, all for getting wealth and happiness from Buddha.  Very sad.

 Yummy street food we found.  This is like a crepe with Nutella.  Delicious!
 More yummy street food. 
 The elephant camp we went to.  It was a highlight!
 I was a little nervous!

 An orchid farm we went to. 
 The long neck tribe village.  They start at an early age, putting these HEAVY bands on their neck.  They never take them off. 
 Thai cooking class!

 Here is curry and mango sticky rice that we made. 
 Fresh spring rolls and papaya salad that we learned to make. 
 Temple in Bangkok.
 Palace where the king used to live in Bangkok. 
Street view of Bangkok.