Wednesday, September 20, 2017

 The youth group making 100 sandwiches to take to the hospital to share with those waiting in line to be seen by a doctor. 
 At a house church conference.  Robin is showing us how to make a craft to share with others along with a Bible Story. 
 Our HPZ team of leaders in Cancun. 
 Mckenzie receiving rewards from her class at church. 
 The girls first day of school!  Junior and 8th grader! 
 One of the conferences we did with Arnhart in Acatic. 
 Another conference we did with Arnhart in Chiromoyo. 
 Kaitlyn helped translate the conferences. 
This is a group of girls that we share with every Wednesday night while their parents do a Bible Study.  They made flags for Mexico's Independence Day.  So sweet!